What is auto insurance and what coverage it offers?

Like home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance is the most important part of general finance which is worth considering. It is the product which is taken to pay for the damages done to your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle on the event of accident or when there is some non-accident damage.

To drive legally, it is must to consider car or auto insurance. Each of the states has their own rules when it comes to deciding the amount of insurance. A lot many factors tend to influence the rate of insurance and it is auto industry which determines the amount you need to pay for auto coverage.

Knowing the coverage and how the rate will be calculated is important to determine. You should choose the best insurance as per your needs. Taking auto insurance is always a wise decision due to the coverage it offers.

  1. Auto insurance covers the damage done to surrounding property on the occasion of auto-accident. When you or the other person drives the car and meet an accident, there can be damage done to fences, building, utility poles, someone else’s vehicle or almost any structure which is touched by the car. The insurance pays for the repair work and covers the expenses.
  2. The auto insurance also offers collision coverage. Thus, the coverage protects your car from damage that results from the vehicle accident. If there is pothole, car flipping or collision with another vehicle, coverage will be offered. This coverage will pay the amount for the repair work needed. If the vehicle is damaged during the accident, the insurance company will reimburse for the value of the automobile after subtracting the deductible

3.Comprehensive coverage is the coverage whereby insurance industry pays for any of the physical damages from peril like fire, earthquake, theft or explosion. So, it may be said that comprehensive coverage is not the collision coverage.


4.Legal liability coverage is the special kind of coverage offered by auto insurance. In case, if someone else is injured or killed during the accident, the insurance company will cover it. Excess liability covers you for the third party liability. By chance you caused physical damages excess liability will insure the liability. If the damage amount far exceeds the liability coverage offered by government or mandated coverage amount, this coverage will help.

5. Under insured or uninsured coverage is offered to cover you when you are hit by a motorist who has insufficient auto insurance to reimburse for the losses. In other words, if you or any of the family member is hit by a motorist having no insurance or insufficient insurance, this will cover you. So, even if someone is hit as pedestrian, it will offer maximum coverage.

It is must to consider auto insurance. Auto insurance offers coverage like bodily injury liability coverage, personal injury protection, medical payments, collision coverage, property damage liability, comprehensive coverage and under secured or unsecured motorist coverage. Seeing the variety of coverage you get, it is important to buy insurance as soon as you acquire your dream vehicle.